Below are a few of our recent 5-STAR reviews from Google and Yelp!

Shelly P

It brings me such joy to see how much my sons confidence has been boosted. The way they teach is awesome! Everyone, and I literally mean everyone has such a great relationship with the students and the parents. Thank you Mr. S for being a part of my son becoming a man! Very affordable too!!

Carmela S

Amazing place for adults, kids and families. I absolutely love how committed the owners are to their clients and community. We have been to many events there as well as classes. From little ninja for our toddler, to my husbands first time ever completing a class. Highly recommended and will continue to be loyal clients.

Joe K

We've been going to FMA for 3 years. It has transformed our kids' lives in many ways: confidence, leadership, and character.  But most importantly, FMA is a strong diverse community that thrives on giving back to the surrounding areas. For us learning Taekwondo is a bonus, but we really appreciate the small things that FMA promotes. 

In today's crazy society you must trust and know the people that surround your children and we certainly trust FMA with our kids!

Robyn W

Our son had been wanting to participate in some form of martial arts for a couple of years. Before making our decision we took the time to formally observe a couple of the local martial arts programs in Edgewood, WA and surrounding communities. Our son even participated in a free week trial at another nearby business offering Karate classes. We noticed some big differences between Freedom Martial Arts Academy and other nearby martial arts programs. We decided we wanted our son to come out of this experience being able to generalize martial arts skills to potential real life scenarios...which is why we ultimately chose Freedom Martial Arts.  A year later we are still highly impressed with Freedom Martial Arts! Freedom Martial Arts is a top notch program that engages students and families with a high level of professionalism. The program is well-rounded and offers explicit instruction with a focus on technique, conditioning, sparing, poomsae, weapons instruction, etc. As parents, we appreciate the focus on values and discipline which is especially important for children being entrusted with a skill that has the potential to hurt others.


Freedom Martial Arts Academy has changed my life. When I started women's self defense with them, I was scared. I had no knowledge or ability to fight off an attacker. A man, a complete stranger to me,  had crawled through my window while I was home and sexually assaulted me before I went to Freedom Martial Arts Academy, and I had no idea what to do. And he wouldn't leave. After that incident I felt some training was and is necessary. The owners of Freedom Martial Arts Academy are the most patient and overall amazing people you could ever meet. And nearly a year or from the intruder, I have every confidence in myself that I can handle pretty much any situation in just a few moves.

Nuala O

My son joined Freedom right after Christmas. We joined after a recommendation from a friend as both of our sons were experiencing bullying at school and they stopped the TKD program at the YMCA. Best decision ever. Not only did my son join but I shortly joined after. As time went on we have found most of our afternoons and weekends are with the Freedom Family. Not because we have to make a class but because we absolutely love being there. I wouldn't think at my age I would start something like this but I am hooked. I attend the all ages classes with the kids and love it. If you have ever wanted to give Martial Arts a try this is the place to go. I am in better shape than I have been in years and sharing it with my son. We are both more confident, respectful, and use the skills in our daily lives. This is a family friendly (you will meet a lot of great families) environment that focuses not only on TKD but values and community.

Jessica D

We absolutely LOVE Freedom Martial Arts Academy. Mr. and Mrs. Sauers genuinely love the children/adults/families and put everything they have into ensuring everyone feels like family. They are very involved with everyone and the community. My son is learning valuable lessons and Mr. and Mrs. Sauers are excellent mentors in not only my son but my life as well. I will forever be thankful and grateful for the love they have given us and we are so blessed to have them as family. Thank you Freedom Martial Arts for everything you do!

Sue K

I look for positive role models for my kids...especially KIND. Freedom's owners are kind, personable, caring and their hearts are in the right place. They do a lot for the community and support the kids who go to the school by actually being involved in so many ways outside of the dojang! Master Sauers teaches 99% of the classes and it is a warm and inviting school. Schedule is flexible, price is affordable, and is family oriented. What they offer is worth the drive and the price. Don't go for the flashy schools close by! The value isn't there...been there and done that.