Over 80 years of combined experience across multiple arts is used in our curriculum. We are confident our curriculum is of the highest quality and value that we do not believe in devaluing it by using gimmicks. The training you will receive is 100% true martial arts and not bought. There are several martial arts and styles within a 15 mile radius of our school. We encourage you to visit them, watch a class, and try them out! We believe you have the freedom to choose!

Little Ninja Club

Class Days/Times

Wednesday: 4:00 - 4:30

Friday: 3:55 PM - 4:30 PM

Saturday: 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM

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3-6 year old 

Every 12-weeks, we rotate 6 Life Skills. Your child will thrive in a safe and fun environment where they will gain skills and knowledge to be successful in school. They will inspire others to be a better person by displaying manners and respect.

The Little Ninja program contains:

  • Age-specific curriculum that is fun and engaging. Little Ninja gives your child the tools to succeed at home and in school.  

  • Weekly fitness instruction on learning balance, coordination, focus, and respect 

  • Life Skills topics taught every other week learning teamwork, respect, discipline

  • They will earn a new belt and advance as they demonstrate different skills at each belt level

Feel confident knowing your child will be in a safe and encouraging environment while they practice what to do when faced with a bully or stranger. 

Respect, Manners, Teamwork, Family, Courtesy, Courage, Fire, Bully, Stranger, Health, Choices, Community

Kid/Adult Taekwondo

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Taekwondo is characterized by its emphasis on head-height kicks, jumping and spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques. Taekwondo generally adopts stances that are narrower and hence less-stable than the broader, wide stances used by martial arts such as karate. The tradeoff of decreased stability is believed to be worth the commensurate increase in agility, particularly in Kukkiwon-style Taekwondo.

If your goal is to get fit, learn self-defense, focus, and self-confidence, we have the programs to help you achieve this. Many parents bring their children to our school to help instill respect, courtesy, focus, and manners. There are long-term benefits for practicing this type of martial arts.

Your child will learn:

  • how to stand up to bullies

  • goal setting which will benefit them in school and later in life

  • how to manage anger and fear

  • to grow into a respectful, successful adult

  • Life Skills each month and opportunity to earn a new badge

Our Programs:

  • gets your child active physically and mentally

  • build their self-confidence so they can defuse any situation quickly

  • teach them to know when to use the techniques they have learned to get away from a bad situation


Taekwondo Mom/Student