Martial Arts helps with strengthening the mind, body and soul.

Martial Arts helps with strengthening the mind, body and soul.


Life Skills Cirriculum

At FMAA, we teach our students a specific Life Skill each month. Parents are given the tools to help reinforce the training at home. Kids love earning the Life Skills like anti-bully, respect, family, teamwork, and courtesy to name a few.

Our passion is to build children's self-esteem and confidence so they know how to handle a bully. They will feel comfortable in speaking out and standing up for themselves or others. 

Stop by our school to see this in action! There's a reason why parents choose our school over others in town. 

Anti- Bully

written by Black Belt Parenting Group

Do you want to know how martial arts can help your child to overcome bullying? When it comes to bullying, it can be a challenge to know if your child is a victim and take the necessary actions to protect him or her. The reason is that children are in most cases ashamed at what they perceive as their problem, which means that they may not tell you as a parent.

It means that it’s up to you to identify the common bullying signs, which will enable you to provide support to them and take steps to ensure it doesn’t happen in future. The best way to boost their confidence, which will ensure they overcome bullying incidents, is by enrolling them in a martial arts academy. This post gives you 5 ways on how martial arts boost your child’s confidence.  

Martial Arts Makes Your Child Know That Gender and Size Doesn’t Matter

Many people view martial arts as a male-dominated sport. However, keep in mind that girls are capable of picking up its techniques and excelling in it. The reason is that gender doesn’t matter when it comes to martial arts. Another factor that doesn’t count when it comes to this sport is size. The reason is that some styles focus on leverage and technique, which enables smaller, bodied people to overcome bigger opponents.

Martial arts enables your child to know that perseverance and hard work are the keys to success, which means that they will no longer let their gender or size be the reason for others to bully them. 

It Makes Children Stand Up For Themselves

Bear in mind that bullying is a growing problem in schools around the world. Many of us would prefer to wish that it isn’t an issue among kids. However, the truth is that at least one out of five students experience bullying. While you may not prevent your child from getting bullied, you can empower them to keep away bullies by allowing them to train in martial arts.

Martial arts training enable your kids to learn how to respect others, starting from their instructors to their peers. That’s regardless of their age, size, gender and rank. Another benefit of learning this sport is that it enables them to build their social skills since they interact with other kids.

The result is that they will have the confidence to handle bullying incidences and walk away from trouble. In the case that everything else fails, they will have the required skills to deal with physical attacks.

Enables Kids to Embrace Failure

Martial arts impart your children with the confidence, discipline, mental strength and focus that they need to have to prevent bullying. Remember that failure is part of life, which means that your kid will sooner or later face it, for example, at the gym or school. Unfortunately, it may cause her or him to feel inadequate and disheartened, that’s if they can’t handle failure well.

Martial arts teach your children that failure is necessary if they want to progress and growth to happen. The reason is that through failure they get to learn valuable lessons and mistakes, which means that in future they will be careful. In the end, they will know that failure is a learning opportunity.

It Toughens Up Your Kid Mentally and Physically

Martial arts enable your children to grow stronger, both mentally and physically. However, you should keep in mind that apart from engaging their muscles, it teaches them to excel outside their comfort zone, which means that they won’t be afraid to try new things. The result is that they will be able to deal with all types of situations such as bullying.

It Teaches Your Kid That Progress Is Better Than Perfection

It reaches a point in life where your children will set individual goals and work towards achieving them. However, your child may get impatient if they fail to notice instant results. Through learning martial arts, they will stop blaming themselves for not being good enough the moment they start to see progress. It will enable them to learn all the martial arts steps without being in a rush.

Another advantage of martial arts is that it promotes self-improvement which is a positive thing that your kids should make an effort to achieve. Finally, their ultimate goal is to improve by at least 1% each day.