Our mission is to build the community by empowering our students to THRIVE, GAIN strength to overcome obstacles, and INSPIRE others through Martial Arts.

Do you want to achieve more? Do you want to see your child succeed and have confidence? With our programs and desire to encourage and support all to be their best, our community will become stronger, one student at a time.

Why choose our school over so many in the community? We deeply care about the children and families in our community. Why enroll in a Martial Arts program? Tae Kwon Do is more than just punching and kicking, it is about LIFE! Through the practice of Tae Kwon Do, you will learn:

  • not to quit through challenges and disappointments
  • to be disciplined
  • defend oneself in case of bullying or attack
  • make life-long friends
  • take care of ones body
  • to be proud, supportive, kind and respectful
  • set goals and accomplish them
  • success does not happen overnight, but requires hours and hours of hard work

We are committed to conducting ourselves in a PROFESSIONAL and ETHICAL manner in all of our daily functions and interactions. It is our ultimate vision to continually develop and sustain an environment where people of all ages and from all backgrounds will be allowed and encouraged to thrive. In daily practice, we will do everything we can to assist each individual in achieving their personal and athletic goals by providing a PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY, and SOCIALLY comprehensive and balanced martial arts experience.

The Sauers

We offer classes for all age levels, all skills and abilities, and are here to facilitate all different kinds of personal goals.

We view ourselves as a family and believe that we’re not only here to help each other out, but also to have fun! We plan and host many extracurricular events throughout the year which are strictly meant to entertain. We have several kids parties each year, summer BBQs, Holiday events and parties, and we participate in social gatherings together such as golf, theater, concerts and active outings.

FREEDOM MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY is one of the highest quality schools in the state of Washington. You just can’t beat the facility, instructors, flexible class schedule, and overall experience!


Company History

On June 1, 2017, the previous owners retired from Tae Kwon Do and asked longtime student and instructor, Thomas Sauers and his wife, to carry on their legacy. The school will keep its core principles, beliefs and values which have made the school one of the most respected ones in Washington. It is 100% martial arts and with over 80 years of experience. We do not believe in devaluing the art with gimmicks.

Customer Testimonials


“It is such a positive place. I just love being here; it is so different from the other Martial Arts schools that we had checked out.”

“My son joined Freedom right after Christmas. We joined after a recommendation from a friend as both of our sons were experiencing bullying at school and they stopped the TKD program at the YMCA. Best decision ever. Not only did my son join but I shortly joined after. As time went on we have found most of our afternoons and weekends are with the Freedom Family. Not because we have to make a class but because we absolutely love being there. I wouldn’t think at my age I would start something like this but I am hooked. I attend the all ages classes with the kids and love it. If you have ever wanted to give Martial Arts a try this is the place to go. I am in better shape than I have been in years and sharing it with my son. We are both more confident, respectful, and use the skills in our daily lives. This is a family friendly (you will meet a lot of great families) environment that focuses not only on TKD but values and community..”

“I was looking for a Martial Arts school for myself and my family. I had been to several different schools to check them out and had just about given up. Most of the instructors seemed very young and inexperienced; even though the school name had the word “Master” in it. I knew right away that I’d finally found what I’d been looking for.”

"The best place in the world!!!!! Has all the moves and will get you moving!"

"Just had my orientation today! I love it here! The instructors are friendly and always ready to help. I left sore from my work out but with a huge smile on my face ready to go back again!"


Military Support

Mr. and Mrs. Sauers father's served in the Vietnam War. The picture shown here is Mrs. Sauers father who served in the Air Force. He passed away in 2001 from ALS. Mrs. Sauers Grandfathers and Uncles also served in the military.

Mr. Sauers father was a Merchant Marine who saved soldiers along a river when he was delivering supplies in Vietnam. He was hit in the head with shrapnel during the fight. It paralyzed him on the left-side and was recognized for his heroism.

The Sauers hold our military personnel in the highest regard for their sacrifice and bravery.