Saturday’s @ 9:30 AM or Wednesdays @ 9:45 AM. Come in and train with the BEST instructor around! Register now!

6 Class ($45) or 10 Class ($75.00) punch cards available. $9 Drop-in fee. Check our registration for class dates.


  • A towel or yoga mat for floor work.

  • Water to hydrate.

  • A positive attitude. It will take a few times to get familiar with the format. Each time you take class your technique will improve and you will become stronger. “Repetition is the mother of skill.”

The class will be challenging but this is how we grow and the rewards are substantial.

Barre - Feel the burn!

Barre - Feel the burn!


About Barre

Barre Classes mix elements of Pilates, Ballet, Yoga and Functional training and move along to motivating music. This low-impact, strengthening class that combines small movements to target muscles. In each energizing workout, you'll use equipment such as mini-balls, small hand weights and sliders to sculpt, slim and stretch your entire body.

About The Instructor

Claire is a local instructor and lives in Milton. Claire has been actively teaching Barre Classes since March 2018 at the Auburn Activity Center.

Claire also teaches Zumba Fitness for 8 ½ years at the Milton Activity Center.

She enjoys motivating and encouraging people to get in shape and keep an active lifestyle through group fitness. Claire also believes that having fun while working out it just as important as the workout itself!


  • Comfortable workout wear.

  • Sticky socks are optional. They help with protection; keeping feet warm and get a grip on the carpet.


  • Men and women are welcome. It is a great workout for all

  • Pregnant yes. Always check with your doctor first; but the no-impact is ideal for strengthening the body and preparing during pre and post natal.

  • Come 15 minutes early to sign in and register.

  • Please remove street shoes before walking on the exercise floor.

  • Please be respectful as to loud talking and cell phones during class. This can be distracting to the other participants.

  • No cell phones allowed during floor barre