Our Team


Mr. Sauers - Chief Instructor

Mr. Sauers is a 3rd Dan Black Belt and has been training in the Martial Arts for nearly 20 years. He has a passion for Taekwondo and other styles such as Pekiti-Tirsia Kali. Mr. Sauers has taught Taekwondo at the Fife Community Center from 2015 - 2017 and was a mainstay instructor in Puyallup for LMA for many years. Mr. Sauers played soccer as a child and teen and grew up in Kent. He has extensive experience as a soccer and baseball coach; he held the position of Vice President and Ethics Chairperson at the Norpoint Soccer Club in Tacoma for several years. Mr. Sauers has also been the Vice President and Sr/Jr Director of Soundview Little League for 4 years. He takes all of his coaching skills and brings them to the mat. It takes a special person to spend their "downtime" coaching kids. The hours of preparing drills, practice and game time. This is how Mr. Sauers approaches every day at FMAA. He cares about each of his students and their family. You will find Mr. Sauers on the mat working out with his students and showing them how to correctly do their kicks or punches. He is a hands-on school owner. 


Mrs. Sauers - After School coordinator/Office Manager

Mrs. Sauers is the After School Coordinator and office administrator. She has been a Taekwondo mom for many years and loves being at the school. Her favorite part of Taekwondo is seeing the pure enjoyment on the kids face as they train and accomplish a goal. Especially seeing the confidence and respect grow within each kid. Her son, Assistant Instructor Anthony Maggio, trained at the school under Master Ray and earned his Black Belt at the school. She has spent many hours, on the same benches our current parents sit on, watching her son train. She understands the commitment the student has to make but also the parents.

Mrs. Sauers strives to follow the 5 Tenants of Taekwondo not only in her personal life but also professionally. She deeply cares for the kids at the school and wants to make an impact on the local community by providing a safe, encouraging place for kids to go and thrive. Mrs. Sauers believes in equality, supporting each other, and giving back to the community. 


Mr. Jeffrey Brown - Assistant Instructor

Mr. Jeffrey Brown is a 1st Dan Black Belt and has been training in Taekwondo since 2004. Mr. Brown not only continues to pursue his own daily training in Taekwondo and self defense, but he also spends much of his time co-teaching our juniors, kids, and adult students, as well as assisting with belt tests and facilitating many of schools extracurricular activities. Mr. Brown enjoys martial arts because everyone can learn from one another and the connections you make. His hobbies are video games, cosplaying, reading and learning things related to what he likes.


Mr. Jason frazier- Assistant Instructor

Bio Coming Soon!


Mr. Anthony Maggio - Assistant Instructor

Mr. Anthony Maggio is a 1st Dan Black Belt and has been training in Taekwondo since 2011. Mr. Maggio has experience instructing, assisting with classes and competing in many Taekwondo competitions. He is known for his "fire" when sparring and his loud Kihap (yell)! Mr. Maggio is also an Eagle Scout, a Puyallup HS graduate and is currently studying to become an EMT. When he isn't teaching, working, or studying, he enjoys spending time with his friends and playing League of Legends.


Debbie Carrara - Cross Boxing Cardio Instructor

Debbie is a living example of the values that she believes in. She is dedicated to healthy living and excercise and has a passion for encouraging and sharing these values with others. Debbie trains in Taekwondo at the school which she uses to enhance the class. Her class focuses on combining multiple forms of exercise to keep your body challenged in order to promote muscular development as well as maximum cardio exertion. Each week you will find something different in Debbie’s class, so you will always find yourself coming back for more. Come try it as your first class is always FREE!